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Tayla Tights

Tayla Tights

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Introducing the Tayla Tights, where style meets functionality in the most luxurious way! Crafted with the utmost care, these tights are made from a high-quality four-way stretch material that not only provides exceptional support but also ensures a comfortable fit like no other.

Designed with equestrians in mind, these tights boast unique details that exude a sense of luxury while keeping your convenience at the forefront. With two phone pockets at your disposal, you can now keep your essentials close by during your rides. The addition of belt loops adds a touch of versatility, allowing you to accessorize and personalize your look effortlessly.

No need to worry about transparency issues here! Our Tayla Tights are made from a high-quality material that guarantees no "see-through" mishaps, ensuring your confidence remains intact. Plus, the quick-dry and lightweight properties make these tights perfect for any weather condition, keeping you comfortable and dry throughout your equestrian adventures.

But it doesn't stop there - we've gone the extra mile to ensure these tights are not only practical but also stylish. The full seat logo design with a silicone pattern adds a subtle yet eye-catching touch, elevating your overall look effortlessly.

And let's not forget the thoughtful design details! The zippered rear pocket is perfect for securely holding your keys, EFTPOS card, or even your trusty chapstick, so you can focus on what truly matters - your ride.

With the Tayla Tights, you can ride in style, comfort, and confidence. These tights are a testament to the passion and dedication of equestrians, made by equestrians. Plus, the absence of a front seam on the legs ensures a smooth and seamless look, allowing you to focus on your performance without any distractions.

Experience the ultimate blend of luxury, functionality, and style with the Tayla Tights. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting your equestrian journey, these tights are a must-have addition to your riding wardrobe. So, saddle up and embrace the elegance and comfort that the Tayla Tights offer. Your ride awaits!

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