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Gunn Valley Equine

Gunn Valley Equestrian Range

Gunn Valley Equestrian Range

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New Zealand Made health and grooming products for NZ horses.

Made in Reikiorangi, Waikanae by Rebecca Gunn - she makes all of these amazing products on site for the good of horses.

Hot Oil
Hot Oil penetrates into the skin and hair shaft.
No oil slick, no mess.
The difference with our product is that it isn't an oil slick on water, it disperses through the water to really condition right to the skin. This can help with skin health and scurf issues.

Plaiting Wax
Our wax is DIFFERENT. It holds and shines. And best of all it comes in two shades. 

Bit Ease
Specifically made to prevent rub and heal any rub that has already happened.
Mess free.

Condition & Shine
Condition & Shine is an every day essential.
This product promotes healthy mane, tail and body, with added Jojoba and Vitamin E. AND it smells amazing.

Available in 1L bottles and refill packs.

Healy Cream
Your tack box companion. An antibacterial cream that helps with healing and inflammation.
Non greasy, it gets right in where it is needed.
No fillers, made with the best ingredients.
Use on scratches, bites, stings & bumps.

Equine Bar
Scrub scrub scrub. The perfect bottle free way to wash your horse.  
Our shampoo bars are perfect to scrub out that dirt.
Purple for greys, white bits & palomino.
Each bar comes with a scrubby bag too.

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