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About Trevo


Welcome to Trevo Equestrian, where the magic of riding meets affordable fashion! We heard your pleas for top-notch riding apparel that won't break the bank, and boy, did we deliver! Picture this: unicorns, rainbows, and fabulous riders galloping through fields of style. That's the vision that guided us on our quest to find the most amazing manufacturers who create gear with a perfect blend of quality, performance, and pizzazz!

Our range is a dream come true for everyone - ladies, gents, and even the young riders out there! For the young riders - if you spot something you love in the women's section, we've got your back. We can whip it up in your size too! And guys, we haven't forgotten about you. Those breeches and tops you fancy? We'll make them fit you like a glove!

But wait, there's more! Trevo Equestrian proudly supports the 'I Am Hope Foundation' because mental health matters, my friends. We believe in breaking the stigma and helping those in the equestrian community who face mental health challenges every day. So, every purchase from our range puts a little extra love into supporting this incredible cause.

So, here's the deal: we want you to be unapologetically YOU! Let your inner spirit shine through, on and off the saddle. Embrace your quirks, take risks, and pursue your passions with wild abandon. Don't be afraid to stand out from the herd and show off your unique style while riding.

At Trevo Equestrian, we believe that every rider, from the seasoned equestrians to the fresh-faced enthusiasts, should feel free to express themselves without a care in the world.

Because, my friends, being different is what makes us truly magical.

Join us on this journey and dare to be you. #daretobeyou