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Witches Brew Hoof Oil

Witches Brew Hoof Oil

Witches Brew Hoof Oil

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Straight from the Witches themselves:

Witches Brew doesn’t take long to apply, it deeply nourishes the hoof and it creates a fabulous shine. But it does more than that, Witches Brew also:

  • Conditions the hoof
  • Encourages healthy nail hoof growth
  • Retains hoof moisture
  • Has antiseptic properties
  • Is good for the whole hoof including coronary band, sole and frog

We know our oil stays on and can withstand even the toughest of training sessions. It will work its magic while the horse is sleeping too. 

As it is fat-based, the consistency of the product can range from thin to thick depending on the weather. But all you need to do is grab the brush, stir the brew and slather it on.

The hoof oil is suitable for and appreciated by all horses. In fact, you can use the oil on any animal with hooves.

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