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Sponsored Rider

Isobel Jayne Bevitt

My name is Isobel and I am 14 years old. I live in Gisborne and am homeschooled.

I enjoy a variety of equestrian disciplines, with successes in dressage up to Level 2, show hunter and show jumping.

I stepped up to Pony Grand Prix last season on my pony Rocco. We qualified for Pony of the Year, which was a huge accomplishment. I hope to try my hand at eventing in the next year with my other pony Lester as well as have him jump a couple of Mini Prix starts.

I am very proud to be a sponsored rider for Trevo Equestrian and love wearing their clothing line. My favourite riding tights are the winter black ones. They keep me nice and warm when riding out on frosty mornings.

Sponsored Rider

Mackenzy Clarkson

My name is Mackenzy Clarkson and I am a 14 year old show jumper who competes around the North Island of New Zealand.

I ride two lovely Kaimanawas in the discipline show jumping although I may have caught the eventing bug, as these last couple of month’s I have being competing up to 80cm in Eventing.

This past season I have been able to bring my young 7 year old Kaimanawa from jumping 50cm to 1.05m with no trouble at all as she is a star. My goal with her it to complete up to mini Grand Prix!

This last season is by far my favourite as I have been able to achieve goals and set new ones for the future!

I have been riding since I was a little girl and hope to continue riding as it has become my dream and passion.

I am extremely proud to be a sponsored rider who represents Trevo Equestrian!

Sponsored Rider

Vanessa Brownie

Hi my name is Vanessa, the newest member of team Trevo.

I am a full time rider and coach based in Te Horo on the Kapiti coast where I run Kapiti Equine Education.

I coach a wide range of rider abilities from just starting out to fellow competitors, including a large proportion of adult pleasure riders who share the Trevo motto of #daretobeyou.

I have competed to 3* level eventing, Amateur rider/1.20m show jumping and level 5 dressage. I’ve also dabbled a bit in inhand showing with my young Pinto.

My current team of 3 I have bred, broken in and trained myself and am looking forward to working with team Trevo for the 23/24 season.

Sponsored Rider

Briar Watson

Based in Mid Canterbury in a wee village called Mt Somers - married with a teenaged son - working a full time Country Sales Manager role.
Runs Team Watson Equestrian - a super team of people from all stages of life - and all ability levels. Focusing on showjumping - teaching with positive encouragement - pushing boundaries and always with a smile - we have a 'Team Watson family' ethos. Dedicated and determined to be my very best self and inspire my students. I unfortunately had a serious accident in April this year with a young schooler kicking me in the head- which resulted in a brain injury, broken nose and finger , fractured jaw and collarbone and to top that off - a mighty concussion. So my journey is even more special and important to me - my recovery and my show jumping goals - taking a horse I've produced to Grand Prix. I strive to make the most out of every opportunity and moment - and live my life with excitement, passion and a sense of humor! I lost my nerve when i could hardly walk - and it was very hard to make myself get back on a horse - let alone an 18hand 5 year old green broken warmblood! So this is a very special journey - which I work very very hard on at every opportunity. I'm thrilled to be asked to represent Trevo! An equestrian company with fantastic values and ethos - people who care about people - with clothing and products that are of great quality and fit.